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The following hopped malt extract ingredient kits are recommended for using with our starter or deluxe beer making equipment kit.  They offer the easiest way to make quality beer while learning about the fermentation process.  Each kit contains malt extract syrup formulated to make a specific style of beer.   Malt extract syrup is the sugar and flavor extracted from various malted barley grains.  Specific hop flavors are also concentrated into the extract for each style. A package of dry active yeast is included with each kit.  

Each kit makes 5 gallons of beer at about 4 - 5% alcohol when including the additional 3 lb. of plain light malt extract (Item #5202) that is recommended for a rich full body all malt beer. Using other sugars for increasing the alcohol may produce undesirable off flavors and is not recommended.  

After many years of feed back from our customers, we have limited our selection to the most popular styles and brands.  Limiting the selection to the best kits available guarantees you a fresh quality beer every time.

Each kit includes its own instructions which may differ between brands.   

Item #5202 - 3 lb. Pouch of Pale Malt Extract Syrup - $9.95 ( Used with the kits below to enhance the flavor and alcohol ).

Hopped Extract Kits
Item # Style Brand Net
5022 Export Pilsner Munton's 1.8Kg $22.95
5165 Mexican Cerveza Brewcraft 1.5Kg $17.95
5023 IPA Bitter Munton's 1.8Kg $24.95
5043 Old Ale Munton's 1.5Kg $19.95
5021 Irish Stout Munton's 1.5Kg $21.95
5008 English Bitter Brewcraft 1.5Kg $17.95
5051 Munich Lager Brewcraft 1.5Kg $18.95
5058 American Light Beer Munton's 1.5Kg $21.95