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Won't You Join US . . .

. . . for an evening of wine, food, and friendship? the things that really make America great.

Come and meet others who share your passion for wine making. Share your experiences as a vintner. If you’ve attended in the past, then you know a great time awaits you. If not, then discover what you’ve been missing.

We provide the place; you provide the food, wine, and conversation. Dress is casual; fun is inevitable. Though wines take center stage, you’ll be equally delighted by the delicious food. The event is limited to 100 people so be timely in reserving your spot.

Send email to reservations@fermentationSolutions.com and include your name, the name of a guest you’d like to host, and whether you’ll be bringing food and/or wine (provide details). Otherwise, call us at (408) 871-1400, or sign up during your next visit.

  • Who? - You and a guest (all must be 21 years or older)
  • What? - Wine Sharing, Socializing and Pot Luck Dinner
  • When? - Saturday December 3, 5:15 PM to 7:45 PM
  • Where? - Campbell Community Center - Roosevelt Redwood Room Q-80
  • Why? - To celebrate the grape harvest, enjoy your company, and thank you for your continued support and friendship

Please bring a bottle or two of wines that you are proud of, and a few more if you are interested in trading. Some of you may not have wine ready to share, but don’t let that stop you from participating; contribute a vintage in the future. Non-alcoholic beverages will be available for designated drivers.

Typically, your pot luck dish should go well with wine and be moderate in size. A microwave and an oven will be available . We’ll be maintaining a list of the food and wines that guests will be bringing, updated as reservations are received. You can also check out last year’s list to help you decide what to prepare.


Rick, Marie, Nick, Joyce and John


Joyce Steakley will be retiring from Fermentation Solutions prior to this event, but she and Bruce will be attending. Join us in expressing our sincere gratitude for all her efforts, knowledge and cheerfulness. We look forward to her friendship for many vintages to come.