Harvest Party and Pot LuckNovember 7, 2015

Food & Wine List
Name Food Items Wines
Rick & Marie Hot crab dip, clam dip, bread, chips, "Rocky Road" candy Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Paula+ Cucumber Salad Chardonnay, Rose, Cab
Gary & Ann Veggie Dish Reds
John & Jane Dinner Salad '13 Cab
Neal & Wendy Crackers / dip appetizer '14 Cab Franc
Jim & Dru Mushroom appetizer Merlot, Blend
Kevin+ Bacon wrapped dates Bordeaux blend
Walter Greek Salad Merlot
Jill tbd  
Scotty & June Dessert - Zucchini Bread Zinfandel
Larry & Cheryl Chicken Enchiladas Yes
Terry & Nadia Smoked meat, and Cheese Yes
Joe & Cayce caprese salad with tomatoes & basil from Veggielution!!  
Viggy & Manjula Samosas Pinot Noir 2013, 2014
Martins & Liene vegetarian gluten free White, Red
Markelis & Thao savory eggplant cheesecake
Joyce & Bruce Aram wraps Pinot Noir, Cab Blend
Rearden & Margot Turkey TBD
Bruce & Lisa A Poultry-seasoning Poultry-free Casserole. It’ll be vegan but creamy tasting “Little Red Wagon”, dry red blends
Yvonne & Chauncey tbd tbd