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      Wine Making Starter Kit
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Wine Equipment Starter Kit and Ingredients

Wine Making Equipment - Starter Kit

All the Equipment Necessary to Make 5 Gallons of Wine   --   Only $89.95

Step by Step Instructions

Simple, easy to follow instructions for making wine using Alexander's Grape Concentrate.

No experience necessary.


  • 6 Gallon Plastic Pail with sealing lid. (Primary fermentation vessel)
  • 5 Gallon Better Bottle (Secondary fermentation vessel)
  • Fermentation Airlock. (Allows gas to escape while blocking air)
  • Small Rubber Stopper. (Seal hole in lid with fermentation airlock)
  • Large Rubber Stopper. (Seal Carboy with fermentation airlock)
  • Curved Racking Tube. (Used with siphon hose below to transfer wine)
  • 5/16" x  6' Clear Vinyl Siphon Hose. (Used with racking tube to transfer wine)
  • Two (2) Stick-on Thermometers Strips. (Reads temperature of wine in pail & carboy)
  • Triple Scale Glass Hydrometer. (Measures potential  alcohol & final gravity)
  • Carboy Brush.
  • 30 Wine Corks (#9 x 1-3/4")
  • Wine Additives: Yeast nutrient, Pectic enzyme, Acid blend, Tannin, Campden tablets. Potassium metabisulfite.

Item #2620     Winemaking Kit / with one-day free* corker rental.      $79.95

     *Rental Deposit Required.  $15.00 Rental Value.    You must be able to pick up
& return the rental corker.
     Using the deluxe Rental floor corker makes corking easy without the expense.
The floor corker (item #2416) is sold separately for $139.95

The Easy Hand corker is the only hand corker we recommend.  This item #2407 is sold separately for $34.95.

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Grape Juice Concentrate & Wine Yeast

Alexander's Sun Country

Ultra Premium Wine Grape Concentrate

Alexander's juice is made only from grapes grown in the valleys of California.  It is 100% grape juice with no other ingredients added.  Alexander's has been in the winery business since 1935 with a large percentage of their grapes grown in the family vineyards.

Alexander's Sun Country wine grape concentrate is sold in 46 oz. cans.  Each can makes 2.5 gallons of wine or 2 cans makes 5 gallons of wine at about 10-11% alcohol.  Alcohol can be raised to your desired level (typically 12 %) with the addition of corn sugar.  Two packages of active dry wine yeast, listed below, are recommended per 5 gallons of wine.

With the Wine Making Equipment Kit and the items mentioned above (wine concentrate, sugar and yeast) you will have everything necessary to make premium wine. Choice from the following selection of Red or White Wine Grape Concentrate.

White Wine Grape Concentrate (46 oz. cans)

#5405F Chenin Blanc $23.45
#5412F Gewurztraminer $23.45
#5432F Muscat $18.95
#5420F Pinot Chardonnay $23.45
#5427F Sauvignon Blanc $23.45

Red Wine Grape Concentrate (46 oz. cans)

#5445F Cabernet Sauvignon   $23.45
#5453F Merlot $23.45
#5460F Pinot Noir $23.45
#5470F Zinfandel $23.45

Red Star Wine Yeast
(Dry Active)

#8315F Pasteur Champagne $1.50
#8317F Pasteur Red $1.50
#8320F Cote Des Blanc (Epernay II) $1.50
#8325F Montrachet $1.50
#8330F Premier Cuvee (Prisse de Mousse)   $1.50


Corn Sugar (100% dextrose)  #5282F   1 lb. corn sugar. - $1.95  

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